About us

Alpha Orion Consultants (AOC) is a full service HR consulting company promoted by highly motivated & experienced HR professionals who believes in the philosophy of value for time and money. It has made its mark in the field of Human Resource Consulting in a very short duration. The organisation is professionally managed by people who have 10 Plus years of experience across various business practices. The DNA of the organisation expertise in different technical skills and comes with a school of domain knowledge which clearly distinguishes us from others in the consulting business.


AOC is an innovative staffing and recruitment firm whose customised services help companies and staffing firms source talent for opportunities at home and abroad. We tailor our services to each client’s needs by providing traditional recruitment services and creative, one-time solutions that help companies gain advantage in their market and drive their human resources value chain. You’ll find that our dedication to fostering new ideas and generating long-term solutions keep us at the forefront of making your opportunities for people, possible.

Vision Mission

Alpha Orion means "Number one Hunter" and this is how we see our strengths in partnering your future and strengthening your growth. In Alpha Orion, we understand your possibilities of tomorrow. We work diligently to educate our customers on how to use our range of services to their best advantage. Our innovative strategy has been to productize our services so that we can give dedicated focus on each one of them to ensure faster TAT and quality delivery.


PEOPLE POSSIBLE AOC believes in approaching challenges head on, and when these challenges relate to human resources, we relish the opportunity to innovate solutions.


To achieve global recognition for continuous innovation that provides clients with powerful staffing solutions and strengthens their human resources value chain.